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Friday, October 12, 2012

On the 23rd of September, a South Korean actor, Jung Il Woo, came to Malaysia to promote Holika Holika, a cosmetic brand in Korea to meet and greet Malaysia fans at LG Concourse, Berjaya Times Square at 2.00pm.

The handsome Jung Il Woo who acted in dramas such as 49 Days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and his best known for his role as Prince Yang Myung in The Moon Embracing The Sun.

As he is the new spokesperson for the brand, along with a girl group SISTAR, inviting him over to Malaysia is a best way to promote Holika Holika and introduce his prince charming look to everyone which he’s famous for his flawless skin and his most charming smile.

Few minutes before he came, a group of dancers went up onto the stage and danced PSY’s Gangnam Style. They danced to the song causing the fans to be more excited while waiting for Jung Il Woo’s arrival.

As the place starting to become crowded with people, most of the fans were wearing purple as the color theme for Holika Holika is purple. Finally, when Jung Il Woo made his appearance everyone was screaming loudly. He was shocked when he saw so many fans were there to support him as he do not realized that he has so many fans here in Malaysia because of his hit drama, The Moon Embracing The Sun is so popular in our country.

The emcee welcomed him and he smiled while waving back at the fans. We would say he is so friendly because he was waving and smiling all the way until the end of the event. Not only that, he even so sporting, posing and showing his signature pose with the “peace” sign with the camera all around.

At first, the emcee ushered him to sit for the introduction and when he was about to sit, the fans sighed because they won’t be able to see him clearly so he decided to stand while having the Q & A session. So sweet of him!

The introduction was like usual, with questions like “How do you take care of your skin?” “When does he started to take care his skin?” and he shyly replied “Let’s keep it as secret”. He said that he would make a drama comeback next year and also said “Saya Cinta Padamu!” to the fans. The crowd went crazy and the fans were screaming frantically. He’s just flawless with perfect flower boy face. He also said all the girls here are very beautiful! And once again, the fans went wild.

Gosh, look at how perfect is Jung Il Woo! Even my mum said he is so gorgeous and his prince charming look made her heart go melted. Agree with that?

After that, the photograph and autograph session for top spenders and lucky buyers were held but between the sessions, SNSD’s Oh were played in the background and fans started to sing the part “Oh Oh Oh o ppa reul saranghae” to him. When he heard that, he smiled widely with his charming smile. During the autograph session, he even wrote the fans’ name on the autographed posters.

After that, fans sang him “Happy Birthday” song in three different languages which are Korean, English and Bahasa Melayu, since his birthday was on the 9th of September as to wish him for his 25th years birthday. He was surprised and touched and kept saying thank you and he also gave a 90 degree bow to all the fans.

And lastly, before the event ends, he even went down from the stage and got closer to the fans for the press look photos. How sweet is that? Everyone went home with a happy heart and a sweet memory. Glad that he came to Malaysia, and let’s hope that he will come again the next time. Thanks to Holika Holika for bringing Jung Il Woo here all the way from South Korea. 

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at 12:11 AM

Monday, February 20, 2012

Polaroid ❤

hey, i'm backkkkkk !!! I almost forgotten that I have a blog. lol. Suddenly feels like updating my blog after a-six-damn-months.

Was having dilemma.. Should I resign? I feel like continue working but also feel like resting. HOW? Most of my colleagues resigned so I followed them. I know it's kind of ridiculous but I'm used to the people there. I don't really like to interact with new people though. It's awkward when you have nothing to talk to each other. My mum told me that if I resign, I will never get to find such an easy job anymore. It's true because.. I won't tell you.. Those who know where I work, you will know why (:

I'm like-a-boss right now because I'm updating my blog while having class !! *heehee*

And I suck at blogging. I realized the way I blog it's like I'm tweeting in Twitter. Imma Twitterholic. Can't live without it, not even a single day. Can you?


at 1:16 PM

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ivy, Vin, me & Eeling ^^

Our one and only group photo ! (:

I'm having sem break now~~~ What I did was eat, sleep, online & outings with my friends. I knowwww, it's so oh-mai-god! I feel myself sooooooo lifeless right now. Seriously, I need a job !! Anyone can intro me a job? D: I would like to work instead of staying at home doing nothing :(

My sem break is too boring and as usual, GIRLS will think alot when there's nothing else to do. The first thing that came into my mind was him. I wanted to delete all the pictures buttttttt.. nooooo~ I cannot do it :( Don't ask me why I just can't.

每次一提起他的时候我都会心碎~~~~ 你听得到是什么声音吗?


at 6:05 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oooooooops.. Too long didn't update my blog. Neglected it for such a long time. I'm just too lazy to update ! D: Pleaseeeeeeeeee forgive me !

Anyone going MTV World Stage tomorrow? If yes, see ya tomorrow then !
Let's ROCKKKKKKK I-City yo ! ;)

I shall ask who is B2UTY(B2ST fans) here? hehehe.. *1st one to put my hands up* :P

I'll be back! STAY TUNED ;)


at 3:00 AM

Friday, April 29, 2011

hey peeps (:

I'm here again to update about the concert I went last month which was on 19th of March 2011 :D

Super Show 3 by Super Junior !!! ♥

SS3 was DAEBAK!! It's a MUST to go !

Guess what? The concert starts at 6pm but I reached Stadium Bukit Jalil @ around 8am. Don't call me crazyyyy ! because I bought Rockpitt. It's a must for me to go earlier in order to get the front place :D Honestly, it's worth to the max ! RM486 for rockpitt is already affordable compared to the other concerts.

I'm very happyyyyyyyyyy because Super Junior are just right infront of me ! SERIOUS! They're just RIGHT INFRONT of me ! imagine that. It's damn near. I was like ohmaigod? am I dreaming or what? lol. They look gorgeous & handsome to me. *faints* I screamed like a mad girl that night and I even lost my voice the next day. haha..

so yeah, W-O-R-T-H ! ♥

SS3 was awesome to the MAX! damn high!!! I'm satisfied! But still, I wanna meet them again ♥ -- I want SS4 pleaseeeeeee ! :D

I'm gonna miss them alottttt! :'( I'm so touched and so in love with them especially their solo performance ♡

Perfect Pure Sapphire Blue Ocean for SS3 had successful! DAEBAK ! :D

IMY SUJU :'( Such an unforgettable night ! Best night everrrrrr ! ♥

nomu nomu nomu nomu saranghamnida Super Junior! ♡

fyi, SUJU's fan service were totally awesomeeeeeee! ♥

Pix pix timeeeeee ~ Teehee ~ :D

Look! everyone in the rockpitt is waiting to go into the stadium

Suet Yan (:
Thanks to her if not I can't even go to this concert !
and of course thanks to I-May also. She helped me to buy the tix :D
Seriously, I definitely 99.99% will regretttttt if this time I didn't go.

Met a new friend(ELF), Ke wei :D

Met them while queue-ing :D

Met them during SS3 too :D
Happy to know all of you here ♥

Super Junior Banners !

Perfect Pure Sapphire Blue Ocean ♥
p/s : I stole this pix from google xD
I was in rockpitt. It's impossible for me to take this. lol

Starting of the concert - Sorry Sorry Remix
Donghae !!! ♥ *screamssssss*

2nd performance - Don't Don
Super Junior along with TRAX's Jungmo, Super Junior's Heechul & Super Junior-M's Henry, Zhoumi

Siwon ~ ♥♥

Ryeowook ~ ♥♥

Teukie ~ ♥♥

Donghae ~ ♥♥♥
he's looking at my camera ~ ♥ ohmaigoshhhhhh

he took 1 of the ELF's videocam and record himself. why not mine :(

Cute-nessssss ~

K.R.Y + Donghae & Sungmin ♥♥♥

awww~ so cuteeee!

Tomato Wook ♥♥♥

OMO! Siwon is looking at my camera ♥♥♥

Love this pix. This pix would be PERFECT if Super Junior are looking here.

SS3 concert tix + SUJU's banners + cards = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


at 1:00 AM

Friday, April 8, 2011

Oops, sorry for not updating my dead blog. I know, it's dead already. For a month plus :( Been busy working & studying. Oh, and busy attending concerts. *hehehe

Gonna update about Jay Chou concert. It was held on 4th & 5th of March 2011 but I went for the 4th April which was on Friday. It was very unique especially the 3D effect - look at the photos below. Jay's LIVE was awesomeeeeeeee ! ♥

Those who miss it, it's okay. still have chance though, don't worry :D Not gonna upload all the pix because there's too many so I'll upload some of it aite? (:

Before the concert starts

Can you spot Jay? HEHEH ♥

Jay duet with Cindy Yuan. They're singing 黑色幽默

I love the background. So sweet !


The AWESOME 3D Effect ! ♥

Jay went down to the rockzone :(

Jay singing 给我一首歌的时间

Me & my PINK lightstick ♥


at 6:45 PM

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